Family Gallery

The Family Gallery Needs Your Pictures!
This will be a series of individual pages, one for each Classmate who sends us photos. It will feature that classmate's family. It can include up to 5 photos. So, send me your photos. We suggest a group photo or a series of group photos of your Children or your Children's Children. Remember, up to 5 photos. So if you have one good group photo, you can still send in those closeups of your Grandchildren. NOTE: Those of you who may not have a "traditional family" or no children, can send us some photos of your personal activities or community/religious involvements. (Marshall, I would like to see a photo of you saying mass on an aircraft carrier, or at the local soup kitchen).

Current Entries

[ Donald Deshotels ]
[ Patsy Acord & Howard Fanques ]
[ Betty Jett Sunday ][ Henrietta Bertrand Boriskie ]
[ Rickey Gutierrez ][ Fr. Marshall Larriviere Part 1 ]
[ J. J. Erny ] [ Brenda Meaux Atkinson ]
[ Robert & Gayle Arceneaux ] [ Gerald Reaux]
[ O. P. Ditch ] [ Doris Landry Provost ]

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