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Lafayette, Louisiana

Cathedral High & Mt. Carmel High
Class of 1955

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Recent Class Member's Events

Cathedral Mini Renion 070315
Mt Carmel Reunion 06/15
Mini Reunion 2013 photos on this site
Mini-Reunion Dec 30, 2013
Gerald's Grand Daughter, Kaitlyn, gets Engaged
Gerald's Dad in 1955
Old Lafayette Photos from Brenda
The Reaux Babineaux Cousins
The Reaux Relatives
Lafayette Garden Club
Gremillion Reception
Brenda & Martha
O.P.'s Great Granson at 6 months
2013 Mini Reunion with Marshall
Doris' Jayden with Santa in 2012
Brenda & John's Family at the Beach in 2012
O. P. with his first Great Grandson
JJ & Lita's Grand Daugher caught a Blue Marlin
Visit With Rickey 6/26-6/29 2012
Henrietta & Paul's Pilgrimage to the Holy Land
Gerald & Pat's Family trip to Colorado
Harvey Broussard's Grand Daughter
O. P. & Shirley's Son & Grand Daughter
Doris' Jayden is now 2 years old
Larry Miller's Family 2011
Brenda's Son In Law in Movie with Dan Aykroyd
Gerald & Pat's Family at Christmas 2011
O.P.'s Family at Christmas 2011
Suzanne's Family (most) at Thanksgiving
Donald & Gerald
Doris' little one is wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.
St. John's Cathedral
Cathedral Mini Reunion 11/04/11
Doris's Daughter in Law and Grand Daughter
Brenda & John's 50th Anniversary
Rickey's Great Grand Son
Don Deshotels 080611
Rickey's Second Great Grand Child
Old Lafayette Hangouts 06/24/11
Cathedral '55 Golf Match 06/22/11
Mini CC55 Reunion @ Harvey's
Doris' little Jayden Growing Fast
Brenda's "Big Max"
Gerald's SLI Basketball Team
Gerald's Basketball Reunion Article
Doris' Great Grand Daughter
Rickey's Great Grandson
Cathedral 6th Grade Photo
Cathedral '55 Mini Class Reunion Dec 22, 2010
Doris' Jayden 1 Year Old
Harvey's Grandson - SUPERMAN!
Suzanne's new Greatgrandaughter
Cathedral Micro (4 of them) Reunion
Mt. Carmel Girls Lunch Part II
Mt. Carmel Girls Luncheon
Rickey's GrandDaughter Graduates
Brenda's Pet Calendar Entries
REAL Cajun Hillbillies!
Soldier protecting his Family and Ours
O. P.'s Sophia at 4 years
Doris, Charles, Madelyn, Jayden, and Cheree
Suzanne's Grandkids on Mardi-Gras
Rickey's Latest Cruise
Madelyn, Doris' Great Grand Daughter
O. P. & Shirley's son David and Kids in Snow
Rickey's son Carlos & his wife Kim
Paul & Henrietta Boriskie Family 08
Doris & Charles' Family Christmas 09
OP meets Sarah Palin <
OP at SLI/USL/ULL Golden Aniversary Grad
Larry & Camille Miller Family
Doris' 11th Grandchild
Gerald & Pat's Grandkids
Doris's Jenni & Madelyn
Doris' Jolie Reese 7 Weeks
Brenda's Katherine & John
Doris' Jolie Reese
Essie's Dinner
ULL/SLI 50th
The Three Blind Mice
Doris' Madelyn @ 14 Months
O. P., Gerald, & Pete off to AFROTC camp
Matthew & Sophia's Cakes
O. P.'s Sophia turns Three
O. P.'s Matthew turns Five
Doris's Madelyn is One
JJ's Oyster Catch
Doris' 4 Generations
Rickey's Son Carlos & Wife
Brenda's Son Johnny's Family
Doris' three grandsons
Two of Brenda's grandchildren
Brenda's Photos from Cruise
Fr Blessing's Cruise - Group Photos
Doris's Madelyn at 9 months
Sophia Catches first Fish
Brenda's Olivia
Henrietta & Rosemary at Cathedral/Carmel Reunion
Henrietta's Land Tour of Alaska
Madelyn Rose Tally UPDATE
A Patsy organized luncheon
A Cathedral 55 Gang at Deshotels
Lauren's Graduation - Brenda's Granddaughter
Gerald & Pat's graduating grandchildren
Madelyn Rose in her Tutu!
Cathedral-Carmel Alumni Luncheon
Rickey's Grandson's Prom
Madelyn Rose's Baptism
Kaitlyn Reaux is Prom Queen
Harvey & Faye's Wedding
2 of Rickey's Grandkids
Doris's Great Grand daughter w/bonnet
Rickey's Son and his wife
Benda's '08 Mardi Gras Photos
Doris' new GREAT grandaughter
Larry Miller's Family Christmas 07
Marshall's Mom & Dad
Marshall & his 8 siblings
Marshall's Larriviere Clan
Marshall's Grand Nephew
Cile Vinson Martin's 5 Generations
Gerald's Christmas 2007 photos
Doris' Christmas 2007 photos
Brenda's Grandchildren - Young
"We live as long as we are remembered"
Christmas 2007 - Girls with Sr Hillary
Christmas 2007 - Boys with Sr Hillary
Benda's Halloween Photos
Ditch's Halloween
Brenda's Lauren in Homecoming Court
Betty's photos of Rachael
Welcome to the Zipper Club!
Mt Carmel Girls 1940s
Brenda's California Photos
Doris' Son's Family
Doris's grandsons in the Woodlands
Mini-Reunion, Witherwax's photos
The new "Judice Inn"
Watercolor painting by Doris
Mini-Reunion, Brenda's photos
Mini-Reunion 062707
Brenda's Daughter & Granddaughter
Sophia in 69 year old rocker
O. P.'s grandson First Communion
Brenda's Katherine & Grace
Brenda @ Dodgers Opening Day
Rachael takes an Airboat Ride!
Brenda's New Grandson
O. P. soaking up some rays!
Brenda's Birthday Lunch 07
Can you get a DUI on crutches?
Gerald's youngest grand daughters
Betty's Grand Daughter Rachael
More of Brenda's Family, Christmas 06 Larry & Camille Miller's Family, Christmas 06
Brenda & John's Grandchildren, Christmas 06
O. P. & Shirley's Whole Family, Christmas 06
Doris & Charles, Christmas 06
O. P. & Shirley, Christmas 06
Reaux's Duck Eve Second Split 2006
Christmas Get Together Evening @ Antoni's
Spreafico Gumbo
Reaux's Grand Kids Dec 2006
Billy & Padre
Shirley & O. P.'s 48th
Carleen & Phil's 48th
Patsy's 69 Birthday Cake
Suzanne's Daisy Mae
Betty & Carleen
Matt's learning from "meme"
Rachael & Elizabeth's Visit with Betty
Jared Provost Wedding
Sophia in her Cajun Bonnet
Mt. Carmel 5th Grade
Mt. Carmel May '55 Schedule
JJ's Otter
Rickey & O. P. @ Hoover Dam
Jacob Ditch Graduates Pre-School
Rachael with her Bears
Judice Inn VIDEO (RealPlayer required)
Memories Rekindled @ Judice Inn
Rachael Meets Cindarella
Pics from a UL Baseball Game
Bettyıs pics from Mini-Reunion
Mini-Reunion May 16, 2006
Cathedral Signs
Betty's Easter Photos
Daisy Mae & Padre Play Date
Padre's Summer Tote
Padre after first haircut
Buster, Doris & Charles' Dog
Ditch boys play Hockey!
Suzanne's Mardi Gras Costumes
Suzanne's LeMaire Boys & Puppies
Suzanne's pics of Coast Guard Station
Brenda's Grandchildren!
Suzanne's Grandchildren!!
Rachael & her Snowman
Nor Easter?? "Sneaux"!
Betty's Ballerina
Fr. Edwards (RIP)
O. P.'s New Grand Daughter
Doris' Great Grandson
Gerald's entry in the Cutest Grand Daughter Contest
Betty's Princess Rachael
Brenda's grandchild, Julia
Brenda's newest grandchild, Olivia
Brenda's Katherine is 1 year old
Doris' Nathan is 2
Pictures from Betty about Townehouse
Billy Sunday - "Hook 'em Horns"
Mini-Reunion 010306
Is this the old Townhouse?
Gerald & Pat Ready for New Year!
Mt. Carmel raffle for Sisters of MC
Gumbo @ the Spreafico's
Girls Christmas Lunch
Reaux Baskeball Dynasty
Doris & Charles' Thanksgiving
Dinner at the Gutierrez's
Celebrating Patsy's 68th
The Reaux Clan
Brenda's Grace as "Dorothy"
Gerald & Pat's Photos
Doris' 50th Official photos
Mt. Carmel Girls OUT TO LUNCH AGAIN!
Doris & Charles 50th Luncheon
My next Beauty Queen
Celebrating Betty's 68th!
Caught in the Act!
Special Stories of Interest
Gerald/Pat, Don/Essie in Harper's Ferry, WV
Gerald/Pat, Don/Essie in VA Wine Country
Gerald/Pat, Don/Essie Monuments @ night
Deshotels & Reauxs visit Washington DC
Betty's Rachael goes to Nursery School!
Mt. Carmel 8th Grade Basketball Team
JJ's Camp Photo
Sgt Provost is HOME!
Betty's [spoiled] Rachael
Brenda's LA Vacation
Pat Reaux's trip to France
Doris's Jared gets published (PDF)
O. P. attends Nationals Game
Sgt Jared Provost, NCO of the Quarter
O. P., Don & Gerald
Rosemary's Photos
Brenda's Dog House
Minettes's Photos
Brenda's Reunion Program Cover
Joe Gregory's Photos (Mary Alice)
Betty's Photos
Reunion Dancing Video
Day After @ Don's Hut
Girls Photo to Print
Guys Photo to Print
Marshall's Music Video
Reunion Dinner Dance
Reunion Hamburgers @ Judice Inn
Reunion Mass @ Cathedral
Good Food & Good Friends @ Deshotels
Reunion Golf Match
First Mini-reunion
Ditch RedBelt!
Reaux Cousins
Brenda's Katherine
Betty, Elizabeth & Rachael
Sgt Jared Provost on RnR
Brenda @ Movieland
Rickey Update as of 03/10/05
Gerald Smokes Panatellas in New Orleans
Three of OP's Grandsons
Patsy and her granddaughter, Claire Elise
Brenda's new Grandbaby
Rickey Before - After
Patriot Jared makes friends
Rachael's 3rd visit with Santa
Bill Roza Band Booked for Reunion - Hear Music Samples
The Reaux Grandchildren 2004
Carleen & Phil's 46th Anniversary
Betty's Birthday Dinner
American Partiot on Leave
Betty & Billy's 31st Anniversary
Girls at Lunch @ Bella Figura's.
Kerrville Reunion
Rickey & Barbara visit O. P.
Patriot Jared Provost
Mt. Carmel Girls @ Kerryville>
O. P. & Shirley on Caribbean Cruise
Marksville Casino Trip
Saturday Morning Dancing in Mamou!!
Rachael's new outfit
Henrietta's Luncheon
Brenda's Grace & Sherlock
ULL Salutes two of it's Pros
Carleen & Phil's 45th Anniv.
Betty's Rachael is a Flower Girl
Brenda's Grandchildren Moving to BR
Deshotels Visit to Virginia
Doris' Painting won Second Place
Reaux's Family @ the Beach
not exactly Zachery House @ Mall of America
Betty's Grandchild 9 Months
Brenda & Family @ Beach
Mt. Carmel Teachers
Doris in Halifax
Mt Carmel Jubilee Celebration
Cathedral 55 Golf Match, Jul 10
Gerald & some of his GrandDaughters
Rachael is Betty's "ham"
Who are these Characters?
Golf Match in Lafayette
Reaux's Mardi Gras Pics
Betty's Grand Daughter
Cajun, Picture Taking Redskin
JJ's HUGE Fish!!
Patsy's 65 Birthday
Gerald's Golf Team
Betty's Yearbook Pictures
First Communion Photos
Betty's Surprise Birthday Party
Lunch w/ Class55 Girls - CLOSEUPS
Mini-Reunion Class55 Boys+Suzanne
Lunch w/ Class55 Girls
Betty & Carleen Visit New Orleans
Mt. Carmel 8th Grade Graduation
Rosella's Luncheon
Brenda visits Marshall
Oldies but Goodies
More Mini-Reunion @ Zachary House
Mini-Reunion @ Zachary House
May Crowning of Mary
Festival International
Luncheon with Avis
Gerald & Pat at Perdido Beach
Betty & Carleen in Texas
Doris's Art Showing
Golf Match in Lafayette
Lafayette Landmarks
Lafayette Pelican Art
Visit with Ray Landry 12/30/01
Mini-Reunion at Blacks 010202
See the Video, CLICK HERE!
Mt. Carmel Girls Lunch @ Don's
Bishop Jeanmard's War Prayer
provided by Betty Jett Sunday
See Betty's Bathing Beauties!!
Mt. Carmel 20 Year Reunion, 1975
Link provided by Henrietta Bertrand Boriskie
Cathedral 8th Grade Picture
Golfing at Acadian Hills
Holding on to Fond Memories
New Pictures - Cathedral Carmel School
Flag Painted on Cathedral Carmel School

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