Cathedral/Carmel Class of 1955 Prayer Page

General Prayer for classmates and friends:

PLEASE Pray for Betty Jett Sunday, Who passed away on Dec 21, 2007

Heavenly Father,
Help us to imitate Your merciful love for us as we pray in behalf of our classmates and friends. Keep them safe from all harm and faithful to You who will never fail us. We ask this in the name of Jesus, Your Son, who taught us to pray...Our Father....

By Brenda Meaux Atkinson

Prayer for Marshall:

Dear Lord,
We thank You for all the kindness You have bestowed upon us by answering our prayers in the past. Once again we come to You, and we know that You will be present for the surgery of our friend and classmate, Marshall. Guide the surgeon's hands so that Marshall will be a well man again. Keep Your hands upon Marshall, during the surgery and during his recuperations, so that he may fee Your healing touch.

By Doris Landry Provost

Recommended Daily Prayer time: 12:00 Noon Central Time

  1. Prayers are asked for Chuck, Doris's son who has to have spinal surgery.
  2. Prayers are asked for Delta, the Wife of Harold "Boo" Latiolais who is stricken with Cancer.