With all the holiday meals and party planning, your dishwasher has probably done a lot of work in the past month or two. Sometimes, the extra work can cause appliances to break down in not-so-convenient ways. 

If your dishes don’t get as clean as they used to, you might be putting too much detergent in your machine. Manufacturers of appliances say that even single-use detergent pods may have too much soap in them, depending on the machine. Try using half to three-quarters as much detergent as you usually do in your next load of dishes to see if that fixes the problem. 

Another common reason why your dishes don’t shine. Check each spray arm’s holes for hard water deposits that could be blocking the flow of water, and use a skewer or any other long, thin tool to remove the deposits. If none of these easy fixes work, you may need to call a dishwasher repair specialist who can figure out what’s wrong and fix it. 

If dirty water is building up at the bottom of your dishwasher, it’s likely that the filter is clogged. Find your machine’s filter under the lower spray arms to find out if food buildup is the problem. If your machine has a two-part filter, don’t forget to take out the lower filter as well. 

Scrape any food that has built up in the filter into the trash or down the garbage disposal. Then, use warm soapy water and an old toothbrush to gently scrub away any residue. You should also look for food waste in the filter housing and take it out if you find any. Finally, put the filter back in, and when you do your next load, watch how much water is in the machine’s bottom. If there is no standing water. 

Not only is it annoying when your fridge or freezer doesn’t work, but it can also be expensive, especially if you keep a lot of food that goes bad on hand. When you call freezers repairs in Lodi California it will be a big help.  

One of the most common freezer problems we see is an ice dispenser that doesn’t seem to work. Most of the time, an ice maker that won’t make ice is just because ice has built up in the chute, which is easy to fix with a hairdryer. 

Check the chute to see if ice has blocked it. If it has, use your hairdryer on its lowest setting to melt the ice slowly until the chunk falls through the chute. If the problem doesn’t seem to be caused by ice buildup, you’ll need to call a freezer repair expert. They can check the unit for broken parts and replace them if they find any. 

Another very common problem that is easy to fix is a fridge that is warmish. When a fridge won’t stay cold, it’s often because the condenser coils on the bottom of the appliance are too dirty.  

Check the temperature inside your fridge after two to three hours to see if it has cooled down. If not, you’ll need to call someone who knows how to fix appliances so they can check the electronic parts of the machine.